Sr. No.  CFL  LED
1 More power consumption / Watt. Energy saving in proportional to reduction in Greenhouse gases from manufacturing plant.
2 CFL content mercury, hence hazardous and disposal problem. (5 CFLs life = 1 LED lamp life) LED light does not contain Mercury, hence no disposal problem.
3 Produce ultraviolet light, leakage affects human body cells. No UV Light
4 Leakage ultraviolent components affect chemical paints eg. House paint, paintings, clothes etc. No UV Light
5 Wastage of Light (360deg illumination) Object oriented illumination (Unidirectional light)
6 Produce more heat than LED. Air Condition consumes more power in CFL environment. Less heat, energy saving.
5 In cold temperature, efficiency reduces or some time does not function. Functions in -20 deg to 50 deg.
6 Uses glass tube. Chances of breakage during handling & transport. Generally uses acrylic / PVC / PM covers.
7 Life cycle depends upon number of switching (ON/OFF). Life cycle independent of number of switching (ON/OFF).
8 Frequent maintenance damages the interior. Maintenance friendly.