LED Corn Lights

Used in homes, restaurants, galleries, gyms and marts, these NewPhen LED Corn Lights are available in different sizes and intensities. They are highly efficient lights and work effortlessly to bring vibrancy to your interiors. They are capable of covering larger spaces with better illuminating capacity and are environmentally friendly.
Details SCF 8 8W SCF 30 30W
Input Power 8W 30W
Input Voltage 90-300V AC - 50 Hz
Base B22 E27
Colour Temperature 4000 K - 6500 K
CRI More than 8 5  
Lumens 720 2700
Operating Temperature (-20 deg to 60 deg centigrade)

• up to 80% energy saving  
• lasts long (more than 20000 burning hours) 
• wide operating voltage • very low heating 
• eco-friendly  
• no mercury inside lamp